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Should I fix my appliance myself, or hire a Service Technician?

Should I fix my appliance myself, or hire a Service Technician?

Should I fix my appliance myself, or hire a Service Technician?

Professional appliance service can be costly, so naturally you may have considered attempting a repair or two yourself.   And afterall, the internet is FULL of tips and videos serving up plenty of information on DIY repairs.

 But a lot of that information can be confusing, or misleading (making you think the repair is easier than it actually is), or it could even be downright wrong – and that could lead to some pretty serious consequences.

 So – SHOULD you attempt a repair yourself?

It may sound like a complicated question, but there are some fairly simple rules of thumb.

First – is your appliance under warranty?  If yes, then call your warranty provider and they will dispatch one of their approved servicers.  You don’t want to void the warranty that you have already paid for.

Second – does the repair require any electrical, plumbing, or gas components?   If the answer is yes, then please do NOT attempt this type of repair yourself.   It requires specialized knowledge and training, and therefore is best left to the professionals.

Third – is the issue you are experiencing listed in the “troubleshooting” section of your Use and Care Guide?   If yes, then let the Guide be your… well… guide!    The Use and Care Guide (aka Owner’s Manual) contains a wealth of information on how your appliance works, how to maintain it, and in many cases – how to repair it yourself.

If your issue does not fall under any of the above categories, you may be tempted to seek advice or instructions from the internet.    If you do this – make sure your source is reputable!   The appliance manufacturer websites and/or YouTube channels are the best sources of information as they know the appliances best.   (If your appliance is from the Whirlpool family of brands, click the link below to get to their YouTube channel).

If you decide to (or need to) call a Service Technician, there are a few things to consider…

  • Are they qualified to complete the work (i.e. electrical/gas/plumbing, etc)
  • Have they been trained and certified by the manufacturer to work on your specific brand of appliance?
  • Have they passed a criminal background check?
  • Do they have sufficient experience? Not just with your particular appliance, but with the type of repair?
  • What resources are they using for their technical knowledge?
  • Are they transparent with their pricing?

Many companies will provide you with a “diagnosis” or “trip” charge – just to show up at your door.   Once they get in, the clock starts ticking and before you know it, you are facing a significant bill for the labour alone.   Companies should also be transparent with their parts pricing.   Is there a website where you can verify the manufacturer’s suggested price for the part(s) being used?

Reputable servicers will be able to check all the boxes above and will be happy to speak to you about their qualifications.

So, as stated “Should I repair my appliance myself?” is a complicated question, but with a little guidance from the right resources, you will be able to answer that question confidently.   And if you decide that you want to hire a technician, we hope you consider The Appliance Pros.